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«Claudia was a dream come true for me. I wanted a home birth with a midwife who spoke English and who would understand me and the culture I come from.
Claudia spent a lot of time getting to know both me and my husband before the birth. She asked and answered a hundred questions. The time spent together before the birth was invaluable. During the labour, it was as though Claudia was reading my mind. I didn´t have to ask for anything, I didn´t even know that I wanted something until Claudia presented me with the option. She was strong and supportive. With her skill and expertise she guided us, whilst all the time ensuring it was an intimate family affair. She respected all of our wishes and made little Ruben´s entrance into this world a truly beautiful experience.
During my postpartum stage, Claudia´s support was unfailing. At the drop of a hat she was on the end of the phone or at my door. I feel forever indebted to such a wonderful midwife» (Cristina Palmer-Romero, Feb 2013)

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